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Hello All!

Thank you for taking a look and your interest in Eternal Dreams.

This very short (30 minutes to an hour) game is a story-driven RPG-style game meant to be fun, comedic, and emotionally powerful at the same time. This is essentially part of the first chapter, and I consider it early beta quality (some features are missing and there's a lot more I'd like to do, but I believe very stable and should feel like it plays well and gives an idea of some of the features to come)!

Some features:

  • Heavily Story-Driven, with the goal to feel like a good movie/anime/manga.
  • A blend of new-style combat with familiar aspects - ability to use skill points to select improved, branching versions of skills to allow greater control on playing the way you want to play.
  • A lot of attention to art and music to try and tell a story in as emotional a way as possible.

This was created for the IGMC 2017 contest and I have to say I had such an incredible time - the positive energy and shared love for games was extremely encouraging. Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable natural disasters the development time was cut down to 2.5 weeks (though I am extremely thankful since it could have been so much worse).  I really appreciate the patience and willingness to play despite that (well, that and it's my first attempt... Sorry!).

All said it's been a fun journey and I do look forward to working together with everyone to continue and push for more and more games that we can all enjoy!

Features beautiful artwork from the talented MzzAzn!

Thanks for reading, and for playing!


More information

Published 19 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorPrince Arcane
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, JRPG, Story Rich

Install instructions

Simply download the ZIP file and extract to a directory. 

Run the Eternal_Dreams.exe file and you should be good to go! Remember, F4 to full-screen (if desired), F3 will toggle stretching to fit your resolution in full-screen! 

If you have any issues don't hesitate to let me know. Have fun!


EternalDreamsIGMCRelease.zip 439 MB

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